Advanced Fusion Guitar Master Class Now Available

Nov 17, 2020

In this Master Class, Manuel Gardner Fernandes teaches you advanced fusion guitar techniques. You'll learn percussive strumming, two-handed tapping, and genre-defying devices to help you write songs and riffs.

Advanced Fusion Guitar was filmed up close and in a stripped-down manner.

No effect pedals or post-production were used for the audio except for gentle compression and equalization. This Master Class is a unique, stripped-down exploration into Manuel's sound.

The secret to Manuel's speed

Learning how to play guitar at a fast speed doesn't happen overnight. In this class, Manuel sets you up with the mindset that will enable you to play guitar faster.

Here's how it works: every phrase, motif, run, or lick requires a different approach to mastery or articulation. By carefully examining the most efficient way to pick a phrase and what feels most comfortable to you, you'll be able to play effortlessly fast.

Percussive strumming

Percussive strumming is a key aspect of Manuel's sound and was the most-requested topic for this Master Class. Manuel breaks down this technique so you can learn it and adapt it to your own playing.

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