Two-Handed Tapping Master Class Now Available

Nov 17, 2020

Sarah Longfield is an elite artist with an influential online presence including over 230K YouTube subscribers and collaborations with the likes of Adam Neely, Rob Scallon, and Music is Win. She has toured with bands like Animals as Leaders, Intervals, and Plini and is widely regarded as a technically-brilliant guitarist with a unique voice.

In her new Master Class, Two-Handed Tapping, join Sarah Longfield as she guides you through the nuts and bolts of advanced tapping techniques. In this Master Class, you'll learn advanced exercises, techniques, and transcribed solos to develop tapping skills as heard from artists like Animals as Leaders and Plini. Even if you're not a prog guitarist, the lessons in this class will provide you with unique flavors to adapt to your playing style.

What's included:

    • 11 HD lesson videos
    • Class notes PDF with supplemental warm ups and exercises
    • Transcriptions, tutorials, and backing tracks for two solos "The Saliant Voyage" and "First Flight"
    • Unlimited access to all lessons on

6 strings. Standard tuning.

While many of the techniques in this class apply to 7- and 8-string guitars, we designed the lessons so you can complete the class on a standard-tuned, 6-string guitar.

A unique approach to teaching

In this class, Sarah focuses on shapes, sounds, and musical storytelling. She presents tapping in a way that's fun and accessible rather than as an expert technique that will take you months or years to master. You don't need any prior theory or tapping knowledge to benefit from the lessons.

At the end of the class, you'll learn two advanced solos composed by Sarah. Get comfortable with these techniques now, and you'll be ready to tackle the challenge later on!

Ready? Let's get started with the first lesson.

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