7 Major Scale Modes in 7 Days

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This Master Class is your intensive, online introduction to the seven modes of the major scale – a fundamental area of study for any guitarist serious about their learning journey.



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Learn 7 Major Scale Modes in 7 Days

Join your mentor Sam Blakelock as he breaks down the most common modes in an intuitive manner. This class is best suited for intermediate guitarists who have experience with the major scale, minor pentatonic scale, and basic major key harmony. 

Part II.

Day 1. Ionian

We'll start with the most common scale in Western music: the major scale. It’s vital to have a deep understanding of this mode, no matter what style of music you play.

Part III.

Day 2. Lydian

Next up, another versatile scale: the fourth mode of the major scale. We use Lydian over major 7 chords for a more colorful and “jazzy” sound than the Ionian mode.

Part IV.

Day 3. Mixolydian

After that, it's time for the fifth mode of the major scale. Widely used in funk, blues, jazz, and rock, Mixolydian is a great choice for playing over a dominant 7th chord.

Part V.

Day 4. Dorian

Dorian is one of the most popular minor scales. We typically use it with minor 7 chords, which makes it a great option for soloing over grooves in jazz, funk, or rock.

Part VI.

Day 5. Aeolian

Aeolian is a widely used mode and a defining sound for “minor songs” (which is a lot of songs) so it's worth spending a significant amount of time exploring.

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Day 6. Phrygian

Phygian is the third mode of a major scale and is used over minor 7 chords. It's used less often than other minor scales, but it’s a fun “exotic” mode to explore.

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Day 7. Locrian

Whenever you see a m7b5 chord, your go-to scale is Locrian. If you’re a jazz guitarist, this mode is an important one to know.

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Cole C.

I usually wouldn’t take the time to write, but Pickup is worth taking a few seconds. I can’t say enough positive things about the content and how enjoyable it is to use. I’ve recommended the service to my friends already.

Andre U.

I'm loving the program. I'm on day 4 of 7 Modes in 7 Days, and it already has changed my playing completely. I'm able to learn and figure out songs at a pace I never thought I would be able to before. On top of it all, I'm having a ton of fun playing along with songs I've always loved and am making my own jams. I'm very thankful for Pickup Music.

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Jason K.

I love it. I’ve already delved into a lesson and it’s helping me get past a plateau in my guitar playing. It’s such a great value and a great idea to have lessons accessible to people without leaving home.

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Our team of graduate-level educators developed this class based on industry-standard, college-level pedagogy. The lessons teach modes in a simplified way, prioritizing information so that you walk away with a deep understanding of modes in the shortest-possible time.

Sam Blakelock


Sam Blakelock

Sam Blakelock is an LA-based guitarist and educator. He's also the founder of Pickup Music. Sam has his Master's Degree in jazz performance, has travelled the world gigging, and plays an influential role in the online guitar community.


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