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Is your tuning out of whack? Use our free online guitar tuner to keep your strings in tune.

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How to tune a guitar

Our free guitar tuner will help you make sure you’re always in tune.

Step 1) How to activate the guitar tuner:
  • To start, click on the red microphone symbol. 
  • Your device will ask for permission to use your microphone – click "allow". 
  • This will enable the online guitar tuner to hear your guitar.
Step 2) How to check if your guitar strings are in tune:

To ensure accuracy, make sure there’s not too much background noise going on while you tune your guitar.

  • To start, play any string on your guitar. (We recommend starting with the lowest string.)
  • The tuner will identify the note you’re playing and display how far in or out of tune you are. 
  • After you play a note, a slider will appear on screen reprenting the pitch of your string.
  • If the slider is green, you’re in tune.
  • If the slider is red, you’re out of tune.
Step 3) How to read the guitar tuner:

If the slider on the guitar tuner is red and indicates you’re out of tune, your pitch will either be flat or sharp.

If the slider appears to the LEFT of center, your string is FLAT.
  • In this case, turn the tuning peg for your string counterclockwise until the slider turns green.
If the slider appears to the RIGHT of center, your string is SHARP.
  • In this case, turn the tuning peg for your string clockwise until the slider turns green.

Once you’re in-tune, repeat this process for the remaining strings of your guitar.

Tips for tuning your guitar

  • The tuner defaults to standard tuning (EADGBe), but you can access alternate tunings by clicking on "standard" and choosing the tuning you’d like to use.
  • Twist the tuning pegs slowly so you don’t overcorrect or accidentally break a string.

How often do you need to tune your guitar?

Guitars require frequent tuning, but how often you need to tune your guitar depends on various factors: 

  • Frequency of playing
  • How you string your guitar – Poor stringing will cause guitars to go out of tune more often
  • Guitar type – Gibsons are notorious for their G strings going out of tune
  • Room temperature – 66-77 °F or 19-25 °C is ideal
  • Humidity – 40-50% humidity is ideal
  • Storage – Keeping your guitar in a case vs. out in the open

As a rule of thumb, if you’re playing the guitar continuously for 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll want to check your tuning at least once during that session. We recommend tuning your guitar every time you sit down to play.

If you perform live, you’ll want to tune your guitar every two to three songs. Writing a reminder on your set list is a great way to keep this in mind.

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