We help advanced guitarists reach their full potential.

Pickup Music provides college-level classes for advanced guitarists. Expand your playing potential by exploring new styles and learning from world-leading players.


Step 1

Find your level

We'll ask you a series of questions to learn where you're at with guitar so we can tailor a Learning Pathway to your unique needs..


Step 2

Start the Music Theory Learning Pathway

Mastering music theory is often the number one thing holding advanced players back. That’s why we designed the world's most comprehensive (and fun!) theory program for guitarists.


Step 3

Start the Jazz Learning Pathway

All music is jazz. We recommend all our advanced guitarists take our college-level Jazz Learning Pathway and advanced bebop improv Master Class with Cecil Alexander, a world-renowned jazz guitarist.  


Step 4

Go deeper into your preferred style

Break out of your usual style and learn something new: blues, neo soul, funk, classical, prog, and more. We've got the right Master Class for you from college-level teachers and professional players.


Step 5

Perform and get feedback

Perform a SongSquad of your choice at one of our group recital sessions to take the next step as an performing guitarist. Get feedback and advice from our instructors and fellow members.

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Try a sample of our Master Classes designed for advanced guitarists.

Master Class

Get the Neo-Soul Sound in 10 Days

Nicklas Myhre

Learn the basics of chordal embellishments in a neo-soul style. Yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds and is guaranteed to make your guitar playing 83.7% more impressive.

Master Class

Advanced Fusion Guitar

Manuel Gardner Fernandes

Learn percussive strumming, fret tapping, and genre-defying techniques to level up in a big way. Listen below and learn how to incorporate rhythmic muting between your riffs.


Advanced Jazz Improvisation

Cecil Alexander

What's the secret to playing fast? Cecil Alexander will teach you to improvise blazing-fast bebop lines through his methodical approach to the mechanics of bebop scales and logic-based chromaticism. Strap in your seatbelt and take his lesson for a spin.

Master Class

Play Guitar Faster in 10 Days

Justus West

Supercharge your playing with Grammy-winning artist Justus West. In this lesson, he'll teach you his favorite speed exercise, The Tongue Twister.

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