Acoustic Fingerstyle

Learn the art of percussive fingerstyle guitar.
By the time you finish this Master Class, you’ll be able to write and arrange your own fingerstyle songs.



For beginner and intermediate players

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  • Master the basics of acoustic fingerstyle guitar
  • Spice up your playing with advanced techniques
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Step-by-step Instruction

40 lessons

HD video tutorials with interactive TAB, chord charts, PDF class notes, and progress tracking


3 week commitment

Learn at your own pace. Most students take three weeks to complete this class.


Write your own fingerstyle songs

Learn the concepts and techniques needed to play any fingerstyle song and write your own.

Just the start

Unlimited access to all classes

Develop your skills with lessons for every step of your guitar learning journey.

An immersive online class

Become a versatile fingerstyle guitarist in three weeks

By the end of this Master Class you'll be able to compose your own fingerstyle guitar songs! Join your mentor Nathaniel Murphy as he breaks down everything from fundamental fingerstyle concepts to advanced techniques that will make your playing shine.

Part I.

Part I. Fingerstyle Fundamentals

We'll start by building a strong foundation for fingerstyle guitar. In this section, you'll learn percussive playing, alternate tunings, and fingerpicking.

Part II.

Part II. Advanced Techniques

Once you master the fundamentals, it's time to learn advanced techniques that will make your playing shine through with harmonics.

Part III.

Part III. How to Arrange Fingerstyle Songs

Drawing on your new skils from the previous sections, Nathaniel will show you how to write and arrange your own fingerstyle songs.

Part IV.

Part IV. Explain that Video!

Nathaniel regularly gets hundreds of thousands of views on his Instagram guitar jams. In this section, he'll break down the concepts behind four of his most popular videos.

Part V.

Part V. Chickin' Pickin' Licks

Learn a unique style of country playing with 10 ready-to-jam licks by Nathaniel that well help you develop hybrid picking skills.

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Part VI. SongSquad

Wrap up the class with four original tunes by Nathaniel that put everything you've learned into action.

Hear why students love this Master Class

Learn what makes Nathaniel Murphy's class so popular

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Ahmad S.

My experience at Pickup Music has been great so far. Pickup offers a great amount of guitar knowledge for those who are seeking it. I constantly have the website open whenever I sit down for a guitar session, it helps me organize my path to learning the instrument.

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Jason K.

I love it. I’ve already delved into a lesson and it’s helping me get past a plateau in my guitar playing. It’s such a great value and a great idea to have lessons accessible to people without leaving home.

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Sam R.

Pickup Music has been an awesome resource thus far. I love the lessons from young players who are at the forefront of contemporary music. The Master Classes are definitely my favorite as they have a clear plan of study and a logical progression behind them.

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Learn at your own pace

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

This class is suitable for beginner and intermediate-level guitarists. The curriculum was crafted by our team of master's-level and pro touring musicians to give you the best possible pathway for learning fingerstle guitar.

Nathaniel Murphy


Nathaniel Murphy

Nathaniel Murphy is a masterful guitarist who's an expert at breaking down complex ideas into easily-digestible lessons. In addition to earning a massive Instagram following and millions of views on his viral fingerstyle videos, his work has been featured by Fender and the Chicago Music Exchange. He released his debut album War for The Moment in 2018. 



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