How to Break Out of the Box

Stop playing the same old licks.
In this comprehensive, college-level Master Class, you'll learn how to map out your fretboard and express yourself on the guitar in any key using the CAGED system.



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Get unstuck

Fluidly navigate your fretboard and express yourself on the guitar using a triadic approach to the CAGED system.

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Unlimited access to all classes

Lessons for every step of your guitar learning journey – from beginner to expert.

An immersive online class

Say goodbye to boring scale shapes

Join Dr. Molly Miller as she walks you through her proven method to break out of the box. If you find yourself always playing the same licks or feel uncomfortable soloing outside of familiar pentatonic boxes, this class is definitely for you.

Part I.

Part I. How to See the Fretboard in Numbers

First, Molly will walk you through how to map out your fretboard using a combination of the CAGED and numbers systems.

Part II.

Part II. Triads: The Building Blocks of Everything

Buiding on Part I, these next six lessons will teach you how to play major and minor triads across all string sets.

Part III.

Part III. Making Music With Triads

Here, you’ll start to put things into a musical context by learning how to combine triads to play common chord progressions.

Part IV.

Part IV. Making Music and Melodies

Next, you’ll learn how to play guitar parts for five chord progressions using triadic shapes across multiple string sets.

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Part V. SongSquad

Finally, you'll wrap up the class by learning three original tunes by Molly that incorporate everything you've learned.

Hear why students love this class

Learn what makes Molly Miller's Master Class so popular

Raul M.

This class helped in providing a structured framework for understanding the fretboard with an easy process for fretboard memorization. Since I had previously spent time understanding the energy of the numbers system, it was of a lot more help than if it were explained using note names.

Paul W.

This class does 2 things. One, it makes you more aware of all the notes on the fretboard up and down the neck, and, two, you can use those chord shapes to play lead or melody against the chords. I have found I am playing more to the chord now maybe as much or more than to any scale pattern.

Chris C.

"This Master Class has been eye-opening on many levels. This is legit the most straightforward and effortless way to map out every note on the fretboard. Thanks a lot!"

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Learn at your own pace

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

This class is best suited for intermediate guitarists. The curriculum was crafted by our team of PhD-level and pro touring musicians to give you the best possible pathway for becoming a better guitarist.

Molly Miller


Molly Miller

Dr. Molly Miller graduated with a Doctorate in Guitar Performance from the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music and currently leads the guitar department at Los Angeles College of Music.

As a professional guitarist, Molly's resume is staggering. She has performed, toured, and recorded with the likes of Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas, Donna Missal, Morgxn, and Kenton Chen. She has also performed at legendary venues like the Hollywood Bowl, Royal Albert Hall, Coachella, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

She also plays in the house band on The Bachelor’s newest ABC primetime show, Listen To Your Heart. When she isn’t on tour, running a collegiate guitar department, or creating in the studio, she fronts her own band, Molly Miller Trio, which has been featured on NPR’s Fresh Air.


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