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Our step-by-step approach will help you to avoid the bad habits that slow down most beginners so you can start playing music and making fast progress now.


Step 1

Find your level

We'll ask you a series of questions to learn where you're at with guitar so we can tailor a Learning Pathway to your unique needs.


Step 2

Start our Beginner Learning Pathway

Over 30 days, we'll guide you through the fundamentals of guitar. You'll know exactly what to work on, and you'll have fun doing it.


Step 3

Move to Late Beginner Pathway

Take a music-first approach to learning the foundational rhythm and lead guitar skills that every well-rounded player needs to develop.


Step 4

Go deeper into your preferred style

Once you build a rock-solid foundation in guitar fundamentals, it's time to start exploring your interests. Jazz, blues, neo soul, funk, classical, prog, & more – we've got the right course for you.


Step 5

Perform and get feedback

Perform a SongSquad of your choice at one of our group recital sessions to take the next step as an intermediate guitarist. Get feedback and advice from our instructors and fellow members.

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Here's a sample of some of our acclaimed lessons designed specifically for beginners.

Learning Pathway

Beginner Learning Pathway

Joey Weidner

This expertly-paced class is the perfect way to kickstart your journey into the wonderful world of guitar playing. Check out this quick lesson:

5-Minute Lesson

How to read TAB

Dr. Quentin Angus

In this quick lesson, Quentin teaches you how to read TAB on guitar.


Cape Code

Jamey Arent

This easy-going acoustic tune is perfect for practicing chords.

Essential licks

10 Easy Lead Lines

Scott Goldbaum

These licks are perfect if you're just getting started with guitar or are new to the blues.

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