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Jam Tracks

Why use backing tracks?

Backing tracks (or as we like to call them, jam tracks) are the perfect practice tool. They blend the rhythm-strengthening aspects of a metronome with the real-world musicality of a fully-produced song.

Backing tracks will help you get closer to your guitar goals, like:

  • learning how to improvise guitar solos
  • working on your rhythm in a musical context
  • learning how to blend guitar parts into a song
  • getting prepped to jam with other musicians

Of course, not all jam tracks are created equal. There are a ton of free backing tracks out there that sound like they were composed by an unimaginative robot. At Pickup Music, we commission jam tracks directly from the leading artists and producers we work with.

Metronome vs tracks

A metronome is an essential practice tool for any guitarist – it'll help you hone your timing and practice the fundamental rhythms of different guitar styles.

The main benefit of a metronome is the ability to quickly change tempo and modify the beats your hearing. However, there's only so far you can go with a metronome. After a certain point of fine-tuning your timing, you need to practice your skills in a musical context.

This is where backing tracks come into play. They're the perfect way to get you thinking in a musical mindset. Plus you can use different backing tracks to accomplish different goals:

  • Use our our modal jam tracks playlist to learn how to solo with modes.
  • Need a metronome that isn't boring? Hone your groove with our drums-only tracks.
  • Dive into specific genres: get started with blues soloing and shred like the greats.
  • Learn original songs set to tracks from the some of the world's best guitarists.

With over 500 jam tracks to explore, you'll find something for almost all styles of music and learning purposes. Dive into the above sampler pack, or start a free trial below to explore our full library of tracks!

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