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Do you feel like your guitar playing has hit a plateau?
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With Pickup Music's guided approach to online guitar lessons, you'll make more progress in 6 weeks than most guitarists make in an entire year.


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Find your level

We'll ask you a series of questions to learn where you're at with guitar so we can tailor a learning pathway to your unique needs.


Step 2

Start the CAGED Learning Pathway

Start opening up your fretboard by learning the CAGED system. This day-by-day Learning Pathwaywill allow you to confidently solo across your whole fretboard in any genre and key. Fretboard freedom awaits!


Step 3

Start the Music Theory Learning Pathway

We know music theory can be tedious and intimidating. It's also the number 1 thing holding intermediate players back. That’s why we designed the world's most comprehensive (and fun!) theory program tailored specifically for guitarists.


Step 4

Go deeper into your preferred style

Once you develop a rock-solid base, it's time to start specializing in your favorite genres: jazz, blues, neo soul, RnB, funk, classical, prog, and more. We've got the right Master Class for you from world-leading and innovative players.


Step 5

Perform and get feedback

Perform a SongSquad of your choice at one of our group recital sessions to take the next step as a performing guitarist. Get feedback and advice from our instructors and fellow members.

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Learning Pathway

CAGED Learning Pathway

Dr. Molly Miller

Transform your guitar playing with Dr. Molly Miller's CAGED Learning Pathway. This acclaimed 3-month program has helped thousands of intermediate guitarists become advanced musicians. Here's a look at Grade 1, Day 2.


Purple Pocket

Jude Smith

Turn up the FUNK with this infectious groove from Jude’s Master Class.

5-Minute lessons

How to Develop Effective Practice Habits

Justus West

Establishing effective practice habits is crucial to increasing your playing speed. The best way to achieve growth on guitar is through consistent daily practice. This is an excerpt from Justus' full Master Class, Play Guitar Faster in 10 Days.

Essential licks

Spanky Rhythm Riffs

Jamey Arent

Looking for an infusion of funky flavor in your playing? Sample this Prince-inspired lick brought to you by Jamey Arent.

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