Advanced Fusion and Funk Guitar

Feeling stuck? Boxed in? Uninspired?
Join renowned guitarist Horace Bray as he walks you through advanced fusion and funk techniques that will breathe new life into your playing.



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Join your mentor Horace Bray as he walks you through his comprehensive approach to reaching the next level of guitar. From fundamentals to advanced concepts, this class will help you get out of a guitar rut and add exciting new sounds to your vocabulary.

Part I.

Part I. Fundamentals

We'll start with a fundamentals bootcamp where you'll dial in your sense of rhythm, tone, groove, and other essential techniques.

Part II.

Part II. Chords

Next, you'll learn about the mighty power of the triad. Here, Horace shows you how to spice up your rhythm and lead playing with three-note chords.

Part III.

Part III. Improvising

After that, Horace teaches you how to improvise over single tonalities and guides you through how to solo over three different progressions.

Part IV.

Part IV. Polyrhythms

If you haven't dabbled in polyrhythms yet, you'e in for a treat. In Part IV, Horace breaks down an easy way to implement this advanced rhythmic concept into your playing.

Part V.

Part V. Licks

We'll pause for some quick inspiration with 20 beginner and advanced licks. Horace plays each lick at-tempo and then breaks it down with context.

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Part VI. SongSquad

Finally, we'll challenge you to learn four original tunes by Horace that put concepts and techniques from previous sections of the class into action.

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Anton K.

The last few months I felt like stuck with guitar, no inspiration, lack of motivation. After I found Pickup Music - I can't stop playing, jumping from one video to another - everything is super cool!

Carol H.

I'm really enjoying the Advanced Fusion & Funk Master Class. It's the perfect mix of fundamentals, some light gear talk, and the teacher is genuinely inspiring. It has already transformed my practice routine. 

Jam M.

I'm absolutely loving this membership. I am so pleased with this community and am excited to be a part of it! I've been spreading the word to all my musician friends and private students.

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Learn at your own pace

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

The class is best suited for intermediate and advanced players looking for new inspiration and concepts to incorporate on the guitar. The curriculum was crafted by our team of master's-level and pro touring musicians to give you the best possible pathway for becoming a better guitarist.

Horace Bray


Horace Bray

Horace Bray is an NYC-based guitarist, educator, and artist who has shared the stage with Plini, John Splithoff, Michael Blume, and Sirintip among others. He studied jazz guitar at the University of North Texas and has since become a staple in the New York music scene. Throughout this Master Class, you’ll learn the exact techniques that Horace uses in his Instagram videos, many of which have achieved viral success. 


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