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Part I.

Part I. Classical Guitar Fundamentals

Before you start playing, it’s important to get set up for success. In Part I, Evan breaks down the basic tools and tenets of classical guitar.

Part II.

Part II. Right Hand Technique

Now, it's time to play. We'll shine a spotlight on your plucking hand in this section. You'll learn arpeggio patterns, string crossing, and how to develop finger independence.

Part III.

Part III. Left Hand Technique

Next, we'll focus on fretting technique.  In this section, Evan covers hand placement, traversing the fingerboard, and playing with a light touch.

Part IV.

Part IV. Coordinating Hands

Now it's time to join hands. In Part IV, you'll learn how to make your hands move together gracefully so that your playing sounds fluid and effortless.

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Part V. SongSquad

Finally, we'll challenge you to learn four classical songs by Evan that tie together everything you've learned. 

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Luca N.

Since joining, I've been using the Master Classes a lot, and they've pushed me further than I ever thought I would go in guitar and music as a whole. I really love Pickup Music, I would 100% recommend it :)

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Cole C.

I usually wouldn’t take the time to write, but Pickup is worth taking a few seconds. I can’t say enough positive things about the content and how enjoyable it is to use. I’ve recommended the service to my friends already and can’t wait to see how you grow it.

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Jason K.

Pickup Music offers a great amount of guitar knowledge for those who are seeking it. I constantly have the Pickup website open whenever I sit down for a guitar session, it helps me organize my path to learning the instrument.

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Evan Taucher


Evan Taucher

Evan Taucher is a masterful classical guitarist and educator. He has performed internationally in the US and Europe and studied with legends in the classical guitar community. Most recently, he was chosen as one of six in the world to perform and study with the prolific Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in Banff, Canada. He’s also been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, ClassicFM, and Tonebase.


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